Backman-Trummer and Blomberg Stevedoring have
been granted AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status by the Finnish Customs.
Authorised Economic Operators are able to offer their customers an even higher
standard of service because security related to information and goods meets
stringent international criteria.

AEO status is bAEO logoased on the norms of the World
Customs Organisation, which seeks to secure and simplify world trade. In Finland, AEO status can be granted to companies that obtain security
certification for their customs procedures and logistics from the Finnish
Customs. The application process evaluates the operations and risks faced by
the company and a comprehensive security management system is drawn up on the
basis of the assessment. At Backman-Trummer and Blomberg Stevedoring adoption
of the system required, among other things, introduction of personal
identification cards, compulsory registration of visitors, and establishment of
a separate information point for truck drivers. For Blomberg Stevedoring this
also meant increased camera surveillance in the warehouse area.

“AEO status will significantly simplify
customs procedures in the EU area and eventually elsewhere in the world when
the EU’s objective of multilateral approval for AEO status in trade across its
external frontiers has been realised,” explains system developer Ilkka Pesonen,
who directed the application process at Backman-Trummer.

“For us,
security management is now an integral part of everyday operations and will be
developed according to the principle of continuous improvement,” Pesonen says.