Operations in Backman-Trummer’s new
unit goods terminal at Vikby, Korsholm began at the end of March. The
terminal provides the company’s road and air cargo operations –
which are now concentrated entirely at Vikby – with more than 1000
sq. m. of modern facilities. The move to Vikby will also benefit
Backman-Trummer’s sea cargo and 3P storage services; these will
continue at Vaskiluoto, where they will now have extra space at their

Backman-Trummer acquired the Vikby
terminal in the spring of 2013. Before opening, the premises
underwent a thorough renovation that included expansion of office and
terminal facilities, renewal of energy supply systems and
construction of ten loading bays adjacent to the terminal. Security
at the building was also improved.

“The premises meet AEO norms and the
requirements of Trafi, the Finnish Traffic Safety Agency. Employees
need a permit for access to the building and visitors must register.
Video recorder surveillance installed in both the terminal area and
building also covers all cargo handling from beginning to end,”
explains Bernt Björkholm, director for cargo operations at

According to Björkholm, the location
of the terminal at the junction of the major highways leading west
and south from Vaasa is the best possible.

“You save around half an hour in
transport time when cargo heading for the ports of southern Finland
does not have to go through the centre of Vaasa to and from
Vaskiluoto,” he adds.

“The location is also
ideal in view of future road links in the region because the planned
routes of the future Vaasa bypass and the new harbour highway go past
the area,” Björkholm states.