Unitised goods transport to continental Europe on the rise

Direct road transport of unitised goods from Vaasa to continental Europe have already been part of Backman-Trummer’s service concept for a decade. The service is handled with state-of-the-art vehicles and includes also full and partial  loads. As a result of the growth in volume, there are now daily weekday departures from Vaasa.

A time-saving transport mode

At present, Backman-Trummer’s direct transport is the fastest road transport mode from Ostrobothnia to continental Europe. Cargoes depart from the Vaasa terminal at 5 pm and are already within 36 hours set for further distribution at Haiger in central Germany. The time saving is possible thanks to a streamlined logistics chain, in which cargos are carried to their destinations according to an optimized schedule and without reloading.

“Cargoes are en route for two nights and arrive at the terminal in Germany in the morning so that our local partner can transfer them for further transport on the same day. This alone saves 24 hours in transport time,” explains Bernt Björkholm, director of cargo operations at Backman-Trummer.
“This type of service is suited to all kinds of unit goods. And it doesn’t place any limits on the volume of individual cargoes. We can also increase our transport capacity at short notice,” Björkholm points out.

Direct links to airports, too

The possibilities for fast road transport are further increased by direct links to the major cargo airports in continental Europe. Air freight departs from Vaasa at least twice a week to destinations requested by customers. The most frequent destinations are the Frankfurt and Amsterdam airports, through which there are good connections to Asia, North America and other destinations worldwide. According to Bernt Björkholm, the new terminal at Vikby is an important step in the development of air cargo transport.

“Air cargo services have already become a part of our total service concept, which comprises the entire transport chain from the customer to the ultimate destination. Growth in volume now enables expansion of this aspect of the service. An additional impetus for growth will be the unitised goods and partial cargo terminal to be completed at Vikby next year. It will serve both air cargo and road transport,” Björkholm emphasises.