Vikby team under one roof

Vikby’s new service structure benefits both customers and staff.

Backman-Trummer, providing transport and forwarding services, operates in Kokkola and Vaasa. Now, all road, sea
, and air transport operations in Vaskiluoto, Vaasa and Vikby have been centralized to Vikby. According to Jan Österlund, the area manager of Backman-Trummer, the terminal’s location at the intersection of major roads leading to the west and south is the best possible. Vaasa Airport is also visible from the terminal. 

“It’s important to be where the action is, says Österlund. This way, daily contact with traffic is maintained.”

Although location is important, Österlund emphasizes that experience and strong networks are even more crucial. Backman-Trummer’s professionals handle exports and imports to all continents. Now, managing different modes of transport and the details required for different regions becomes even smoother when forwarding expertise is consolidated under one roof. Tracking shipments also becomes easier when physically located where the goods are. One can easily inspect a shipment, and quality control speeds up. Information flows smoothly between forwarders and traffic managers and the sales department located in the same building. 

A good connection between sales and traffic managers is important when planning and building solutions that suit the customer, says Österlund.

Prior the port, in the port, and after the port

Vikby’s terminal is a flexible collection and distribution point and an AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) terminal, meaning it has Customs’ security certificate for customs and logistics operations. Regular traffic extends throughout Europe. Shipments are sent to Vikby from the provinces daily for further transport. Flows of goods go in both directions, and in addition to exports, there is a lot of import traffic. Vikby’s terminal offers a variety of services, such as container loading and storage for sea shipments. However, the service is not limited to Vaasa area or even Finnish borders. Backman-Trummer’s comprehensive service structure includes strong networks worldwide.

“We have several export-driven, multinational companies as customers who benefit from our partner offering in the destination country, says Österlund.”

In addition to international networks, internal logistics chains within KWH Logistics are actively developed. Group members provide a wide range of services, and by combining them, customers get access to comprehensive logistics solutions tailored to their needs, conveniently packaged under one roof. In addition to port and transport services, the service can include, for example, material handling on the factory premises.

“We tailor a solution that best serves the customer, which may include services prior to, during, or after the port – or both, says Österlund.”

KWH Logistics has 140 years of experience in logistics services. When a logistics professional handles the entire package of transport, storage, and material handling, the customer can focus on their core business. Österlund emphasizes the continuous development of services. The logistics industry is undergoing significant renewal, and the goal is to design increasingly efficient solutions for customers. Digitality adds multidimensionality to operations, and in Vikby, new possibilities have been introduced, such as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. However, human oversight is crucial.

“For us, it’s important that a person is always accessible, says Österlund. When the customer is in focus, people take care of communication, and systems are designed to support operational activities.”

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